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About Veltec

Even after nearly a quarter-century distributing some of the best-known brands in the bicycle business, the most-often-asked question we get here at Veltec Sports is still, simply, “who?” And that’s exactly the way we want it.

Because Veltec has never been about Veltec. It’s about some of the finest cycling brands in the world. You see, there are two kinds of companies in the cycling business.


There’s the monolithic guys whose goal is to do a pretty good job at making a lot of different things. They put their names on frames and equipment and tires and clothing and just about everything else a cyclist might want to buy. And that’s fine.
Because there’s still plenty old world craftsmen in small, mostly European villages who’ve devoted their lives to making just one or two elements in the cycling equation better than anyone else. And plenty of riders who can tell the difference. So to every cyclist who’s ever told us how much they love Sidi shoes or LOOK pedals or Enervit nutrition or Vredestein tires but sorry, they’ve never even heard of Veltec Sports, we have just one thing to say.


Carson City, NV
After years in Monterey, California, we relocated Veltec here late in 2006. The California ocean is hard to beat, but one look at the map and you’ll see why we moved: Tahoe’s mountain roads and singletrack offer some of the best riding on the planet, on-road and off. Plus there’s untold miles of desert roads to explore here, literally out our back door. But that’s another story entirely.